And sew it goes

I have told you all many times that I failed potholder sewing in 4-H.  I still keep trying to sew even though I know that it is not one of the gifts God gave me.  I have been working on this baby quilt for two weeks.  It is simple!  The pattern says even a child can do it!  I have sewn this quilt, ripped it out, sewn it again and now I am ripping it out!  It is the trim that is giving me the problem.  I have a quilt at home that a dear friend made me at the Calhoun Church we used to serve with.  Her quilt was so beautiful.  Stitches were straight and the trim was even on all four sides.  I know mine is far from perfect but then I thought well, it still is going to keep this baby warm.  Just because it isn’t perfect it still is useable.  That’s me!  I am so far from perfect, but I can still be usable by God.  I am thinking this is the body of Christ.  We all have flaws that don’t quite match up but God takes the pieces of our lives and mends them together and we become a covering of His Love.


Well getting back to my quilt, I am making baby layettes for the pregnant women in our area.  When someone has a baby, we take a bag of baby clothes, diapers, powder, and lotion to the newborn.  This little gift gives us a chance to invite the family to our church.  It is such a blessing to see the family come and you recognize the clothes and the quilt the baby is wrapped in!  I just pray whoever gets this quilt will wrap the baby in it with the wrong side out because it looks better than the front!!

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One thought on “And sew it goes

  1. Jani

    your quilt will be perfect, every stitch is filled with love – that’s the most important thing!

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