Not Too Old To Party

I am so popular!!  I don’t mean to brag but if you just check with my grandkids they will show you how popular I am. They want to sit beside me at the table.  They want to sleep with me when I am visiting them. And I just learned from my daughter in the States that my little ten-year old DJ said he was going to stay with me when he goes to college at the University of Kentucky because he doesn’t want to get a roommate that might drink!  This just blesses my soul.  This week I went to the Mole where Jody lives and Nene went with me.  Nene is Janeil and Heather’s older daughter.  We were going to be at the Mole for five days to celebrate Malaya and Rosie’s birthdays.  WE WERE GOING TO PARTY!!

We had a Princess Party which made it very difficult for Gabe–He didn’t want his nails painted or makeup on he just wanted them to CUT THE CAKE!  He would stick his head  out of his room and say “Time to cut the Cake Yet”?  Jody had invited seven of the neighbor kids.  Of course they had never seen anything like this.  We turned on the music “I’m a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World” well those kids cut loose and in my days we would say they really “cut a rug”! They not only looked cute but they knew they were something special.  You see they saw themselves as beautiful Princesses just like God looks at them everyday–His beautiful Princesses!
Tonight, Larry and I were able to get enough electricity to hear an entire sermon by T.D. Jakes.  He was talking about our perception of things.  I had just told the Lord after riding 4 hours to the Mole that I was too old to do this.  To be honest I have been perceiving this season of my life as getting too old to tango, if you know what I mean. I have told the Lord, “I have lost some of my zip, my compassion, my vision and my joy. T.D. Jakes spoke as if it was to me the very words of the Lord  “Satan may make you think that you are too old to serve and that you have lost your zeal and your good times are over but I am here to tell you that is a message from the Devil himself!” Well thank you Jesus for answering these feelings and reminding me that I live in the land of Satan and the way he can slow me down is to make me perceive I am no longer useful!!  Well back up Satan….This Old Light Is Still Shining!!
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3 thoughts on “Not Too Old To Party

  1. carole spaeth

    Do you ever think of princesses as old…with gray heads and wrinkles? I don’t! We ARE still princesses in the Lord’s kingdom, no matter how much time passes. In our heavenly kingdom I don’t think “gray” and “wrinkle” will be in our vocabulary.

    Yes, you are popular — in my book, too.

    Love you, GF.

    • Girlfriend…you are always ther with a word of encouragement and a laugh too!! Well my hair isn’t gray this morning because I dyed it last night!! You are so beautiful Carole! You have to be one of most precious creations! I guess you can understand being on the mission field that sometimes you can have some down days. You are a dear friend!! love, diana

  2. Jani

    The thought of you EVER getting old makes me laugh, not possible!

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