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New Birth… New Beginnings for Waves of Mercy

As we celebrate the birth of Christ and His love for us, Waves of Mercy also celebrates the birth of God’s special creations. This little baby I am holding is a miracle as all children are. Jefeth is missing an eye and one of his ears did not form correctly. His mother Angie thinks he is the most beautiful baby in the whole wide world and so do we.

New Beginnings are exciting but they are also challenging. The land has been surveyed and we will soon have everything finalized. We have prayed over this land, walked around the land 7 times, and know this is God’s new beginning for us. The challenge is in raising the money for the projects. Time is tough and everyone seems to be struggling financially– everyone but God! He uses His people to help other people. Our church is maxed out. There is no room in the Inn! I love the Lord with all my heart. I love the Haitian people with all my heart. I want them to be in Heaven. So our cause is right in sharing the Gospel. Can you help us? We need $35,000 to finish paying for the property and to buy some of the supplies we need to begin building. The Lord says to ask, seek, and knock.

This is the least fun part about my job. I hate asking and yet I have to do it if we are going to meet the challenge of this coming year with a new church building, nutritional center, school, and housing for street boys. The building we have can no longer contain it all.

Memories are made not only at Christmas but throughout the year. This little baby of Angie’s hopes to receive an eye from one of the surgery teams. Miracles for this newborn and miracles for Twa Riveya only can happen because we serve the God who sent His son in a lowly manger so we might have life.

Diana and Larry
larry and baby
PS: Someone hacked into our email and we have lost a lot of email addresses. If you would please write us at, we will keep you updated on this exciting time in ministry.

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