Incredible Love from so many! Thanks!

It has been five days since I fell and fractured my right arm.  I tripped over a fan cord around midnight.  I knew right off I was in trouble.  One arm went straight and the other arm went straight then twisted.  I was crying, “I broke my arm,  I broke my arm.”  Larry, of course, heard me fall as it sounded like an elephant had hit the floor.  I look up and he is holding on to his heart.  I said, “Don’t you dare have a heart attack– you have to help me.”  Well bless his heart, he could not get me up.  I crawled to the bed and then lifted myself up.  He went over to get Dr. Joseph.  It hurt so badly!!  Dr. Joseph checked me out. He didn’t think it was broken but told me to go see the doctor at the hospital and get x rays.   I suffered most of the night and the only thing kept coming to my mind as I cried out to Jesus was “those poor Haitian people in the earthquake riding the bus up here with broken arms and legs.”  Worse yet, many of them died on the buses in such pain.

The next day I went to a doctor, then to the Haitian hospital to get x-rays and then back to the doctor.  He said it was a fracture and nothing had broken off and gave me pain meds and an arm sling.

I have been so blessed by all of your prayers and believe me they worked!  The church committee came up and sang and prayed over me. The street boys all came with hugs and tears as they did not like their Momma hurting. People came from St Louie as soon as they heard.  So many visitors– I cherished each moment.

The one thing they do here is make you try their remedies.  I had about four different kinds of teas made with leaves.  Victor’s tea tasted like a dirty sock.  He said it was to make my bones strong.  Mr. Daniels tea was somewhat better and it was to make my muscles strong.  Then Satilla just brought me leaves to rub on my arms with warm water.  The last time I drank Presendieu’s tea I slept for three days so I refused to try that again!

What I am trying to say is the outpouring of love was incredible.  Poor Larry he has never seen me in such pain (never went in the labor room you know).  He has cried so pitiful. But I’m here to say “these two old birds have gone yet through another crisis and we could not have made it without you!”

I have to get well really soon because Larry is cooking supper, a can of beanie weenies and a can of beef stew mixed together topped off with hot sauce!  I guess it is called the weenie stew!!Image

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One thought on “Incredible Love from so many! Thanks!

  1. Kay Morrison

    My dad would call what Larry fixed for supper: Gomlet–gom it all together and let’s eat!
    I love reading your up-dates. It’s almost like hearing you in person. Naturally, I’d rather it be that but I do enjoy putting my sanctified imaginator into use.
    Those of us who got to kow each other @ Camp Illiana have a special love we share. Oh, the memories! How precious they are!!
    Please tell Mr Larry that I love him, too.
    Please add Cindy Wicks, Eleanor Pope and Kathy Harker to your Facebook friends list, if they are not already. When we are together, you are always remembered as we recall special memories.
    Love you!!!

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