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Hi Folks, here’s the latest news from Momma! You can also friend her on facebook to keep in the know… just click on Diana Owen.

Today was another adventure. I think in 3 days the nurses saw over 600 patients. The little boy that was crying last night because his momma and daddy had died is now living in our mission house thanks to Val! He came back to get his foot cleaned and we found out that his grandmother told him she no longer could feed him he had to leave and find his own food!!
Another thing happened this morning. It is another God bump when you see His Hand in the situation. Eight little kids were standing at our front gate this morning. It started raining harder and harder so we stood under a porch area waiting for the rain to stop. These kids were still standing in the pouring rain just smiling at us. So one of the nurses went and got the Auburn Festival Shirts. Then Tre and the other guys went and got peanut butter. I know the Garrett folks have pictures of them with their dry shirts on holding up their peanut butter. Would you believe it stopped raining for awhile after that. I think God stopped us from going in the truck so we could help these children!
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