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So Honored

A dear friend of mine walked 11 miles to see me.  He came from St. Louis du Nord walking in the hot sun just to see me!  What devotion!  He said “I could not wait any longer.  I could not find money for a taptap but I had to come.”  So he began his journey.  I asked him had he eaten, of course the answer was no.  As he sat down at the table weary and worn, we fed him a big peanut butter sandwich with a cup of Presendieu’s finest coffee.

Now when he is about to leave what do you know?  You know you love each other deeply.  You know he’s going to walk back 11 miles.  You know he has no food and his family has not eaten yet.  He asks for nothing and expects nothing.  His Spirit is lifted because old friends are reunited!  So I say “WAIT”!  Before he left he had taptap money and a bag of canned goods.

Today I walked down to three Rivers.  The desolate and broken street people, the ones that most people would call untouchables live there.  This is the area most people want to quickly pass through or at least put on medical gloves.  But here I stood so loved by these people.  These people were given to me by God.  I felt like General Douglas McArthur returning to the Philippines.

The people saw me and came running.  They wanted to touch me.  They thought I would never return.  They saw the miracle of my heart.  There I stood with outstretched arms.  So loved!  They asked for nothing, they expected nothing and I had nothing!  There we were just basking in each other’s love.  I understand Jesus’ love for the poor and broken.  I experience that love often.

My cupboard is bare.  My funds are so low.  I am careful trying to making sure I have enough funds to just keep going next month.  What’s going on?  The things I have shared with you are everyday experiences.  I am so very much loved and I have so little to give in return.  My cup is full and running over even if our cupboards are bare.

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It has been a very emotional return to Haiti – to be home in a land that seemed so far away. I have been away for 7 months. The longest time in 20 years.   Old friends and new faces.  To the Haitian I am a walking miracle.  I never tire showing my surgery scar and telling them: “Yo koupe la” – “cut here”,  “Leve la” – “lift here”, “Travay nan ke”—“no work”.

I told my Haitian family that when the doctors saw my heart they said, “Oh!  His Heart is Haitian.” Everyone shakes their head and smiles real big.  Some clap their hands.  I never tell them different because I know it’s true even if the doctors never said it.  My Haitian family knows that too.

Now my heart is so over whelmed and it breaks so much easier after the surgery.  So I have something to ask you, “HELP!!  Help me work with God!”

You see my heart is right and I do good things and you do that too.  We call that ministry–good people doing good things for God.

But then, there are special times when we are working in concert with God. (Miraculously)  For example, I’m walking down the path and I see a woman approaching with a basket on her head.  She is headed to the river to wash her clothes.  She has five children following behind her.  As we are about to pass I’m nudged by God to reach in my pocket and give her twenty dollars.  In a split second we pass and I barely have time to reach out and give her a high five, passing the money at the same time.  We both keep going.  As soon as she passes out of site, I hear the woman’s heart burst forth in a song of praise.  We never meet again.

I don’t know what her special need was but God used me as His special messenger.  It has happened to me many times and I know it has happened to you also.

This month has hit us like a ton of bricks and I am overwhelmed.  I feel like that woman and I’m wondering in a split second if God is sending you?  If He is giving me a High Five and He is using you as a song of Deliverance?

October 2011 update

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