Dad is driving…us crazy!!!

Woohoo!!  Daddy is driving!  Daddy is going up and down steps!  Daddy is starting his therapy!  We had a great day meeting the therapy crew.  They are so kind and was so encouraging to Larry!  What a blessing to bring us to such a special place to get His body and heart back in shape!  Now I do have to say we did go off the “No Salt, No Sodium, No Taste Diet” on Easter.  Yes, it’s true we had honey bake ham and potato salad and my famous broccoli casserole!  It was so good and the next day we started our oatmeal and hot tea breakfast!  You know we can’t have caffeine!  Well we tried that other stuff but the kick just isn’t there so now we have started drinking decaf tea!  Larry continues to get up and 4:00 and do his Bible Study and prayer time.  It is so nice now that he can sleep upstairs and I don’t have to sleep on the blowed up mattress in the front room.
We have learned a lot through this experience.  We learned that God wants us definitely to go back to Haiti and that He is not finished with us on the mission field.  We know that God is showing us that our Haitian leaders are quite capable of keeping on without us.  We have seen family and friends that we have not seen for so long.  This has also been a great blessing for us.  God is so good!  He keeps showing us daily His love and we are so thankful for all the love you folks have shown us.  It don’t get any better than that!
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