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Dad is driving…us crazy!!!

Woohoo!!  Daddy is driving!  Daddy is going up and down steps!  Daddy is starting his therapy!  We had a great day meeting the therapy crew.  They are so kind and was so encouraging to Larry!  What a blessing to bring us to such a special place to get His body and heart back in shape!  Now I do have to say we did go off the “No Salt, No Sodium, No Taste Diet” on Easter.  Yes, it’s true we had honey bake ham and potato salad and my famous broccoli casserole!  It was so good and the next day we started our oatmeal and hot tea breakfast!  You know we can’t have caffeine!  Well we tried that other stuff but the kick just isn’t there so now we have started drinking decaf tea!  Larry continues to get up and 4:00 and do his Bible Study and prayer time.  It is so nice now that he can sleep upstairs and I don’t have to sleep on the blowed up mattress in the front room.
We have learned a lot through this experience.  We learned that God wants us definitely to go back to Haiti and that He is not finished with us on the mission field.  We know that God is showing us that our Haitian leaders are quite capable of keeping on without us.  We have seen family and friends that we have not seen for so long.  This has also been a great blessing for us.  God is so good!  He keeps showing us daily His love and we are so thankful for all the love you folks have shown us.  It don’t get any better than that!
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Not a quick process…but we are progressing

Friday was the first day Larry and I went out in the car.  Our daughter Jody drove us to Lexington and (don’t tell anyone) we stopped at Chick-fil-a for a sandwich.  We did use light mayo!!  Larry was beginning to get a little depressed at home.  The nurse had told us that between week 3 and 4 the nerve endings they had cut to get to the heart will start growing and so Larry will have some weird feelings. He gets a little dizzy and a little sick to his stomach.  I am so proud of him and I think he is really progressing but I AM REALIZING THIS IS NOT A QUICK PROCESS
Now about this no salt, no sodium, no taste food we are eating.  Tonight I fixed mashed potatoes with Mrs. Dash and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!  Well when Larry took his first bite he said he couldn’t believe these were mashed potatoes!  Breakfast isn’t too bad because we both love oatmeal.  I went to the health store today.  Things are so much higher when you try to eat healthy.  I keep thinking, “what will we eat in Haiti?” The canned goods we have lived on have tons of sodium.  I don’t think GOAT is a white meat either???
Larry so loves getting his cards.  I have them hung on clotheslines throughout the front room.  Every time he walks around the room it gives him so much encouragement.  We feel your prayers and we feel your love.  Just a bit of trivia before I end this.  We had Granny Littrell’s bed moved to the first floor as Larry can’t climb steps yet.  This is the same bed I would lift my Granny’s legs up in to get her in bed some fifty years ago.  She had so much fluid that the doctor said each leg weighed about fifteen pounds.  Now I am lifting my husband’s legs up to put him in this same bed!
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Never Alone

I am sitting here on the couch while my “Baby Love” is in the chair with about 10 pillows and a heating pad.  Jody comes in the evening and does the night shift.  I do the day shift and Lori comes down with all the “Heart Healthy” foods for us!  She is here today making her version of “heart healthy chili”!  She has made her daddy two different kinds of “Heart Healthy” cookies and they really aren’t too bad.  Larry does pretty good in the day time.  He has been outside walking today and admiring our beautiful spring flowers and bushes.  We hope to soon have him sitting on the porch in a comfortable chair.  He has always loved the spring time in Kentucky.

 Our precious family in Haiti have come together every morning for a prayer meeting for Larry and me.  I talked to Handson today and the people have been so faithful at the church.  There is a new Spirit and this week they are doing a special offering.  Each one brings what they have which is mostly food.  Then they will cook it and feed the prisoners for one day.  The leadership at the church is amazing.  They continue to work as a team along with the congregation to serve the Master.  I love to hear Handson’s voice.  When he talked to Daddy today he was so excited.  He was so happy to hear him as his voice was strong and he told the people, I am getting all fixed up so we can build our church on the mountain! 

Indeed I think God is getting him ready for that new adventure. Please know we appreciate all the prayers and oh my goodness, he has gotten over 100 cards.  He loves them.  Lori is stringing them up all over the front room so he can see them and be reminded of your love.  I know this healing is a process but it is great having dear friends to go through it with us.  We are indeed one in the Lord.  Love, Diana

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