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Written by Larry Owen March 19, 2011

On April 26 I will be (66) sixty-six. Over these 66 years I have come to believe there are no Supermen, only the Super Christ who took on human form to show us the way through the earthly maze called “Living for Him”.  As I live in this fast lane for Jesus, I am now finding that I am struggling physically and am daily looking for Christ to give me strength.  I have gone from serious back pain to a little pain over the heart.  Before going back to Haiti at Christmas I had an epidural to relieve my back pain. Now a week from today I am having a heart cath.

How do I feel about that?  I think of it like my little old four cylinder mission truck in Haiti.  It is a good truck, but it’s looking old and very much banged up; yet I get in it most everyday and it still purrs like a kitten. One day I was sitting beside the road with a broken ball joint.  The other day I went down to get in it and there she sat with a flat tire.  I said to myself, “Thank you Jesus it didn’t happen out on the muddy road to St. Louis-du-nord”.

So now this heart problem, well thank God it didn’t happen on the muddy road to St. Louis-du-nord!  My next journey seems to be a trip by St. Joseph Hospital to get a stint or two before I can be on my way.  Now when you pass me in my very much banged up little truck in Haiti you will know there is a very much banged up little fellow inside. But don’t be fooled, we both are pushing through the darkness and into the Light.  We are bouncing down victory road at 66, doing about 5 miles an hour! Now look at the pictures and see what I mean by victory road.

This past year, completed February 20, the biggest building I ever built in my life.  It is four stories high with connecting walk ways on 3rd and 4th floors to surgery units and a dorm area.

I baptized four more individuals before I left Haiti last week.  One of them had to be the oldest person I had every baptized.

I left my little truck at the river and crossed over on foot, then walked three miles to a youth retreat we sponsored during Mardi Gras.  Fifty-one teenagers from Twa Rivye camped out for three days.  What an awesome time!  These kids have grown so much in the last three years.  You would be so proud of them.  It was on this journey I realized I needed to get the tires on the truck checked and my heart too.

I could go on and on but you see the pictures.  So until I give you another shout, know in your heart that everyday me and my old truck will be going about five miles an hour down victory road, pretty much banged up but your prayers and support keep the gas in our tanks on full!

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One thought on “Our Latest Newsletter

  1. carole spaeth

    Well, for going five miles an hour you sure do cover a lot of territory! That’s an awesome building, and you were able to overcome incredible challenges to get it built.

    We’ll be praying for the cath tomorrow. David has had a stent for over 10 years and his heart is quite healthy. This isn’t a surprise to the Lord, you know, and he won’t let you off the hook until he’s finished with the work he has for you to do.

    Praying, too, for Diana’s nephew and his family in FL.

    Love ya’ bunches,

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