Prayers and Praises

I am in Tampa Florida at the St. Joseph hospital with my Brother Bobby.  His son, my nephew, had a massive heart attack and even was brought back to life in the ambulance.  They have called all the family in as he of course was and still is in critical conditions.  This little boy who is now 46 years old is my pride and joy.  When I was a teenager I would babysit him.  I would dress him up in a little sailor suit and cute little hat and off we would go in the stroller to downtown Versailles.  I would take him to the Five and Dime Store and everyone would say “Well he is the cutest thing”!  He had dark hair and the most beautiful eyelashes.  He still does.  He is struggling so much with his breathing now. When I went to see him in ICU he kissed my hand and said he loved me.  I pray over him every time I go back to see him.  It is so difficult for the family to see him hurting so bad.  I am so thankful he is off life support but if his breathing doesn’t get better, they said they may have to put it back on.  He has a long ways to go but I know the Lord is holding him in the palm of his Hand.  He said that He writes our names on the palm of His Hand and so I know Bobby Baker is printed on my Father’s hands.  Please keep my nephew in your prayers.  They don’t want us now to go in and see him because he gets too upset wanting to talk to us.  I feel like he is not only hurting so bad but is afraid as well.  You know I thank God for the hospital and the machines he is on.  If a Haitian had this happen he would not have any of these things to keep him alive.  Thank you Lord for all the blessings!

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One thought on “Prayers and Praises

  1. carole spaeth

    Oh, Diana,

    I know how you must hurt to see your “little” nephew in such pain! Our prayers are with you (and him and the family). I’ve sent a notice out to our prayer team.

    We love you and are praying,

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