God means what He says…

Well folks this is the first time I have had electricity long enough to give a shout out to ya!  The water tank has a crack in it so we have had no water!! There has not been much rain so the water level is really low.  I knew things were getting bad here when I got up yesterday went to the bathroom and looked down on the floor and there was a Geico looking up at me.  We both just kind of stared at each other.  I really thought he was going to start talking and try to sell me some insurance!  At any rate, when I moved he did too and I guess he still is in my Guest Bed Room!!

As you probably know my Jody Beth was very sick in the Miami Hospital.  She is on her way back to her family tomorrow but it was a very scary situation and even thou I will not go through all the details she had some life threating bloodclots.  Once again my Lord did a miracle.  Someone emailed Jody last night and said they were going to call her Miss Kitty cause she has nine lives!
The days seem endless with people coming that need help.  To some I say yes, to others I say no.  I hope I am making wise decisions because I know I am representing Jesus.  Larry and I have felt such an oppression these past few days.  I have been reading a lot in the Old Testament and you know God got really upset and when you read his punishment to those who went to idol worshiping– it ain’t good!!  I think we hear and see horrible things on television but let me tell you there was some wicked stuff back in those days too.  We have to realize that God doesn’t play.  He means what He says.  I feel more compelled than ever to let people know that God is a jealous God.  God will not tolerate you serving another Master.  This voodoo stuff is nothing to play around with and I do not feel that most Haitians really think they are going to a bad place if they don’t serve the Lord.  I really believe they are living from day to day and whatever means they can use to get some food on the table or the rent paid they will pursue.  We must be bold in our teaching and preaching that there is a Heaven and there is a Hell and they are not going to Miami when they die!  And that’s all I got to say about that!!

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One thought on “God means what He says…

  1. carole spaeth

    A gekko! Those cute little guys eat bugs. But if you don’t buy their insurance, they might eat more than bugs!

    What on earth are you all doing for water? That sounds more than desperate… especially with cholera all around!!

    I’m so sorry to hear about Jody Beth. I hadn’t heard about her being in the hospital. Our prayers are with you all!

    Love ya’

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