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Big Doings Across The Big River

We began our journey to St. Augustine this morning.  We are going to the church that John Davis helped build. Today they are celebrating an anniversary.  We rented a truck and crossed the big river.  Then about 30 minutes later we arrived at the church.  I can still remember when it just had poles and a thatch roof.  How beautiful it looked today!  Some Americans had been there during the last few days painting the outside.  Today, the church was full and there were lots of little children.  Then a strange thing happened-  I met a young man from Mortonsville, KY – same place my Daddy taught school.  As we talked, I soon learned that I knew his mom and dad and went to school with his uncle.  Oh my goodness!  In a place no bigger than the end of your thumb, I met Jeff Fint who lives only a few streets from my home in Versailles!  Now what was the chance of that?

As if that experience wasn’t enough, they asked Larry to preach. Of course, I love to hear my husband preach but that was not the most exciting part of today’s events! The exciting part is who we were able to have interpret for Larry.

Let me tell you about Patrick.  Patrick was brought to America when he was four years old.  His family became American citizens.  He went to school in Miami through high school.  Unfortunately, Patrick got into trouble.  Patrick got messed up with drugs and he was deported back to Haiti.  His 82 year old grandmother knew he would not make it at age 17 in Haiti.  Since he never really lived here -he did not even know the language!  When we came to Twa Rivye everyone told me not to talk to him. They said he was crazy.  But I didn’t listen to them. I remember him coming to me at the Waves of Mercy church saying “Madame Larry, I can’t even get a cup of rice”!  Well that is when I decided this was one street boy who was going to hear about Jesus from me!

I began helping him a little and telling him he needed to come to church.  Every time I would fly into to Haiti or fly out he would yell “Take care of yourself Momma”!

Then he began to work some with Larry and change was taking place. We didn’t see him drunk!  We didn’t see him visiting the brothels!!  And, he started coming to church every time the door was opened!

This week he was in the Bible Study with Pastor John.  He told everyone how Christ had changed his life. He had accepted Jesus!  Well today Patrick interpreted for the first time Larry’s sermon as he preached.  I got so tickled because Patrick would get so involved in what Larry was saying about Jesus that he would forget to interpret the message! He was listening so intensely.

I am so proud of Patrick!  In May, he will have been here for 10 years.  He wants to go back to the States to see his family.  His grandmother is now 92.  Who knows what the Lord has in store for this young man.  But everyone in the community is talking about how Patrick has changed!  That is what happens when Jesus comes into your heart and you truly accept Him as your Savior!

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