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He owns the cattle on a thousand hills– and a few rats…

Yesterday I spent the morning getting ready for the arrival of John Davis.  He is one of our board members– each year he comes in to lead a seminar with the men of Trois Rivye church.  Larry had gone to pick him up when a RAT ran in my front room and into my bathroom.  I yelled “Presendieu!  Presendieu!” He helps me everyday around the house– he is also a former orphan kid of ours. (Some of you may remember he was the young man trapped when the wall of dirt fell when Larry was doing one of his big building projects years ago). Presendieu runs in with a mop!  I yell, “I don’t want you to clean him, I want you to KILL HIM!”  That RAT was so FAT and BIG– last night I could see him every time I shut my eyes.  I kept thinking “I am going to go outside in the morning and see all those RATS in chef hats making soup like in that cartoon “Ratatouille”!
After such a miserable night, I was up by 6:30 a.m. because the men of the church were coming to my home for breakfast and the seminar.  We served 17 men peanut butter on bread and Haitian coffee.  The coffee was so strong that John Davis started losing some of his hair!! After serving the men, I came back inside the house to check email and to listen to John’s teaching on James.  When he finished, the men had so many questions.  I wanted to cry as I heard these men talk about the Lord.  One young man said “We need to really teach the youth because when I was young I went astray during my youth days–I got in bad shape doing things I should not have been doing.”  He kept saying how Waves of Mercy is making a difference and that he had been in this area ten years and could see the light in the faces of our Trois Rivye children that he had never seen before!  Well that made me cry!  One older fellow confessed he could never remember the sermon when he gets home from church and that maybe he didn’t need to come.  John told him “No, you do need to come. You are an example for everyone who sees you there”.  On and on, the questions came.  The men are striving so hard to be Godly men and they get so excited when John comes and teaches them.

Over the last two days, I have been happy, afraid, and a bit depressed.  Our furnace has gone out, I mean really gone out.  I had my nephew check on it after my neighbor in Kentucky emailed to tell me my house was very cold.  The repairs are too costly and a new one is in order.  As my nephew quoted the price of $1600, I thought “My Lord, what a way to start off the new year!”  I know I should be thankful I have a house to come home to…  I know God will provide the funds we need…  Most of all, I know all I have is His.. I know He will bring a blessing…
So with shaking fingers but a heart set upon my Savior’s providence– I emailed my nephew and told him to go ahead and get the furnace but don’t cash the check til Friday!!! I always loved that song “He owns the cattle on a thousand hills”!  I am more than sure He can take care of us.
By the way– tomorrow we are fixing spaghetti topped with hotdogs for the men’s breakfast.  We told them if they were late we were going to give their plate away!! Believe me they will be here early tomorrow!
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