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Touched by an angel…

Today as I was sitting in church I realized that I have been blessed and I have been touched by an Angel.  Hey isn’t that a TV show??  Every Sunday there are always children sitting beside me.  There is never a Sunday that one of them doesn’t touch my hair.  They can’t figure out how I have this big gray stripe in the middle where my roots show!  I am waiting on Becky Powell to bring me my Lady Clairol!  Well after they stroke my hair they proceed to touch this little fat thing hanging from my neck.  It seems to jiggle a bit and that makes them laugh.  Then they move to my arms and they call them “grow” which means BIG!  So my underflaps really give them joy as they wave back and forth.  I have always said I don’t need an airplane to fly I just need to flop my arms.  Then they spot a brown mole.  I can’t tell you how many have tried to take that brown mole off my arm.  Finally it is time to stand and I direct them to sit in the children’s section.  Yes I have been touched and hugged and kissed each Sunday by God’s sweet Angels.  Remember He said “Let the little children come unto me and do not stop them for the Kingdom of Heaven is such as these.”   Our church runs a little over 200 and at the end everyone greets everyone and they kiss each other. Teenagers, babies, old people, men , women all hug one another and us before they go out the door.  I think that is the way Jesus meant it to be.

Now on a funny note.  It is awesome being married to an OLD Man!! As we were leaving in the truck today.  He starts to take off and says “Oh no I forgot my glasses”.  Larry goes back upstairs and has to open three locks to get inside our apartment.  When he gets to the desk– he can’t find them.  Then he looks in his shirt pocket and they were there all the time!!  Just now coming home from church he reaches in his pocket to unlock our doors and realizes he locked the keys in the truck!
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