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3rd Year Anniversary with Waves of Mercy!!!

What a Sunday we had at our little mission church!  First of all, I was sitting on the side of my bed ready to begin the day when I saw a big old mouse run into my closet.  Well, I hate “meeses” to pieces!  I tried to wait him out, but he never came out.  How is a girl suppose to get dressed when a mouse is holding her clothes hostage?  Finally with the quickness of a pouncing cat, I grabbed the first clothes on my shelf.  Who said pink stripes and red checks don’t go together?  I may have started a new fashion statement.

As we entered the church, it was packed and everyone is singing “Heaven came down and glory filled my soul”!  It sounded like a group of angels.  This Sunday was special as we celebrated our 3rd anniversary of starting the mission church–even more so because we had not even planned to have a church.  We had planned to just do a street boy ministry but God had other plans and now our church runs over 200 each Sunday. Last nigh,t we shot off the last of the fireworks in honor of our anniversary.  We had lots of special music and a wonderful meal.  God has been so good to us.

Of course in Haiti with joy sorrow follows.  Yesterday morning we found out that the blind man we had been feeding had hung himself.  He lived down by the river and they are putting a bridge across the river.  His house was in the way and they tore it down.  Hopeless and afraid, he ended his life.  I believe this happens many times in Haiti. This country is so full of desperate people.
And just like that, we understand why we are here… bringing hope to hopeless country.  Celebrating with joy as much as we can to give them just a glimpse of what life in Heaven will one day be if they know the Lord.
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