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New Pictures From Haiti

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Party! Party! Party!

Yesterday, we gave out gifts to the nutritional children and actually had 60 more kids show up than was expected!  Have no fear we worked it all out and everyone got something!  I played Ton Ton Noel (Santa)!  Lori had given us a mega phone for Christmas so I had a siren and everything welcoming my coming!  I had on plaid boots, flashing Santa hat a face painted and big glasses and a big red noise!  I had bells on my pants and I had bells on my wrist!  I also had a toy flute that I really loved playing!  The children laughing was all I needed to make me dance and keep the party going!  After the give away they ate their lunch went out with happy faces!  I told them Jesus loved them even more than Santa and that Jesus wants them to come to church every Sunday.

On a different note, yesterday morning while I was giving Larry a back treatment a man came to see us from La Croix.  He had been one of the earthquake victims that we had received food from our mission.  He did not ask for anything but instead brought us a gift.  He gave us a big bag of grapefruit.  He just wanted to say Thank You.  It reminded me of the story of the Lepers in the Bible.  Jesus healed ten but only one came back to say Thank You.  This man walked a long way to say Thank You.  This act started our day out with joy because someone came so far to see us and express his appreciation.
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