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My First Blog :)

A new year has begun and this old dog is going to try to learn some new tricks!  I am going to BLOG!  I have two daughters that tell me I must do this to be on the “in” crowd and I definitely at my age want to be on the “in” crowd!  So here goes.  First, let me tell you that I met at my apartment four mice.  I was so excited because they were DEAD!  However we seem to have one that has eluded the traps–so every day I am watching for this little varmit to appear in my closet when I go to reach for my clothes!  When we took our first ride on our Waves of Mercy truck, we noticed it was not starting very well.  We knew we had just put a new battery in the vehicle before we left.  But when Larry checks the engine– lo and behold someone took our new battery out and left a very very old battery.  Yesterday, we had to push the truck to get it out of the driveway!  Jacque is going to pick us up a new battery in Port au Prince.

We did have a wonderful New Years Eve Service.  We wore some funny hats and had lots of horns!  The horns were a big mistake.  They are still blowing those things!  After prayer and singing time, we went to the mountain and shot off fireworks! At midnight, we served the famous Pumpkin Soup to everyone.  We left after that and the people watched movies all night.  The next morning peanut butter and bread and hot cocoa was served to all who passed by that was hungry.
As wonderful as all that sounds we had quite some excitement on the New Years Eve morning.  The group we had in were mostly medical people.  So when a little boy came in who had stepped on a machete and cut his foot we were ready to clean and sew it up!  When the ladies were just about finished with that there was a big commotion out front.  ACCIDENT!  ACCIDENT!  Two mopeds had collided. A lady lay on the ground with blood streaming down her face.  We quickly brought her inside.  Oh my goodness!  When we finally got her wounds cleaned, we could not believe our eyes.  There was her skull!  We knew we had to get her to the hospital.  Okay what I am about to tell you next if I had not seen it with my own eyes it would have been hard to believe. When we put her in the back of the truck on a table and drove her to the government hospital she was answering our doctor in English.  When we got her inside of the hospital and unwrapped the bandages the flesh had covered that gash.  I am telling you, you could not see the skull like before.  This is a MIRACLE!  ONLY GOD COULD DO THAT!
We opened the clinic again on Monday.  Our doctor and nurses worked all day and saw over 100 patients.  One elderly lady came at the last.  A dog had bit her so once again we were cleaning the wound and sewing her ankle up.  We saw lots of little children who were very sick.  God used this team of Christian ladies in a powerful way.  Today the group leaves to go home.  We have bonded and we will never be the same because we truly experienced the POWER OF GOD!


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